Client Reviews

From Charlotte D.

There are some things that Sara sees via Spirit that feel as though she can see straight into one's soul. If we were just talking on the street it would seem as though she grew up with me and knew most of my family. Some of the reading is so spot on it's scary... what she is shown confirms my intuition without ever prompting a question... as if a microphone was live in my head and she had the recordings.


From Allison Schmaeling

I've been one of Sara's clients for more than two years. She has healed my hurt through her mediumship by reconnecting me with the spirit of family and others, that I've lost due to illness as well as tragedy. Sara Zimmerman has been my buoy on such a tumultuous sea of life. Sara is remarkable and gives everything she has into every single reading. I've recommended friends to her and every time they call to thank me. I call Sara Zimmerman the "real deal"... and she is definitely that!


From Claire B.

Through the years, I have consulted Sara as a Medium-Psychic. The readings have provided me guidance and reassurance of what path I may choose to take. This year, I realized just how important these readings were upon the death of my ex-husband. My children were not ready for his death. I provided 2 readings to each of my girls. The readings allowed my children to reconcile with his passing and gave them the needed direction in their lives that I could not provide. The sessions gave my girls a fresh perspective on their lives. Best choice I made!!


From Morgan

I've had two readings from Sara. One was in group reading and the other was private over-the-phone. Some of the messages she received from my loved ones on the other side were absolutely what I needed to hear from them and there’s no doubt in my mind it was truly my dad, brother and grandmother I was speaking with. Sara’s reading gave me exactly what my soul needed to hear to help heal and move forward in life in a positive headspace and actually look forward to and have hopes for the future.

She also does a fantastic job at providing insight as to the things I do unconsciously that have hindered me from succeeding in certain areas of life. She truly is a gifted woman and has brought me so much peace at a very trying time in my life. She is absolutely amazing!